Honeymoon: 7 reasons to charter a private jet

Свадебное путешествие: 7 причин арендовать частный самолет

You have just experienced one of the happiest days of your life. You and your soul mate, who won your heart, got married surrounded by friends and family. The ceremony, dinner, dancing, socializing, fun – it was really the fairy tale you have always dreamed of. However, now it is time to go on your honeymoon with the love of your life.

Days and nights of unlimited fun, emotions and moments that you will remember for the rest of your life. But first you need to make sure that you arrive at the airport at least a couple of hours before departure. Since you did not check in for the flight in advance, you will have to leave for the airport even earlier to check in and collect your boarding passes.

Then you will stand in an endless queue to undergo a pre-flight security check. Feeling part of the crowd, you and your young spouse will try to do everything possible to pass the time in the queue. Having successfully passed through the checkpoint, you start frantically searching for your gate, since boarding has already long begun.

Since there are only two of you and the seats are set out in rows of three, you realize that you may have to sit next to a stranger. The question is who it will be?

When you get closer to your line, you see a worried middle-aged woman, looking around in search of someone to talk to. Obviously, she is already waiting to start a conversation with you which will last for the entire flight.

Congratulations and welcome to the beginning of the honeymoon!

The advantages of chartering a private jet for a honeymoon trip

Wait. Who wants to start the single most romantic vacation of their life by spending a few hours on a cramped commercial plane in the company of excessively talkative strangers? No one!

But there is an alternative, with several advantages. So, here’s a tip: you need to charter a private jet to go on a honeymoon. If the above example is not enough for you, here are 7 more reasons, why you’ll prefer a private jet.

  1. You can relax

Weddings are tiring. Not only the day of the wedding itself, but everything that precedes the ceremony. When it is over, you will be exhausted. The only thing you’ll dream of is getting to the location of your honeymoon and sleeping for several days trying to recharge your batteries.

Свадебное путешествие: 7 причин арендовать частный самолет

Choose a private jet to travel; you can enjoy a comfortable, quiet and private atmosphere.

  1. Public expression of feelings

Few people enjoy seeing newlyweds kissing and expressing their emotions while they are crowded alongside other passengers on board a commercial vessel. Embarking on a honeymoon while hesitating to publicly express your feelings can be a rather difficult process.

Chartering a private jet will allow you to cuddle in a completely private setting without fear of embarrassing others and yourself.

  1. Reduced frustration

Just imagine the opportunity to start a honeymoon trip without any problems at the airport.

Private jets depart from private airports or from a separate commercial air terminal. Although security checks will most likely be necessary anyway, when chartering a private jet , you will be able to avoid long lines and the associated stress and frustration.

  1. Flexibility

Unlike the tight time frames offered by commercial airlines, private jets do not require you to be at the airport at least two hours before departure. Instead, it is enough to arrive at the departure point a few minutes before your flight departs.

But what happens if you want to go to the honeymoon right from the wedding dinner and it takes too long to say goodbye to all of your relatives? What if you plan to celebrate late into the night and are afraid to stay too long at the party and risk missing your flight early in the morning?

Private aviation is famous for its great flexibility. If you arrive a few minutes later or want to fly at a specific time, you just need to call the charter operator.

Considering all the pre-wedding fuss that you just managed to survive, the flexibility in the schedule will allow you to relax and not have to worry about keeping on top of your flight details.

  1. The opportunity to visit exotic places

It’s about your honeymoon. Do you want to just follow the crowds? Maybe you’d prefer to go to one of the most exotic places on the planet with your soulmate?

Свадебное путешествие: 7 причин арендовать частный самолет

If you choose the latter, you should know that not all commercial airliners can land in remote locations. Only in the process of planning a honeymoon trip will you realize that the most quiet and romantic places can only be reached on board a private jet.

  1. Unforgettable experience

Have you ever wished for individual service on a commercial airline? For example, can you imagine calling one of the most popular airlines to let them know that you chose them for your honeymoon?

How about trying to include a bottle of champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries in the ticket price?

It is unlikely that your wishes will be considered.

Did you know that this practice is very common among private air carriers? You can make your honeymoon special and memorable, of course, after discussing your wishes with the flight organizer.

Special wishes can lift your emotions while traveling even before your feet are off the ground.

  1. Make your honeymoon unique

Imagine being able to go to any place you want, whenever you want.

Suppose you want to start a honeymoon in the city where you first met. Then you may want adventures that will make your honeymoon truly unforgettable. On the way back home, you may decide to stop in one of the megacities of the world to buy souvenirs for friends and family.

It is unlikely to be easy to put together a route like this traveling on the regular flights of commercial airlines. At the same time, private aviation gives you the opportunity to choose your destination, so that your vacation becomes unique and unforgettable.

Most likely, the people around you can boast a standard honeymoon trip: they went to warm countries, enjoyed rest, cocktails and each other’s company. All this romance can be marred by civil aviation. An alternative option is to charter a private jet, which will turn the honeymoon trip into a unique and unrepeatable experience. Privacy, a flexible schedule, a wide range of destinations, champagne, strawberries or a romantic dinner on board – what could be better to start a new life?

If you want to keep the magic, you need to charter a private jet.

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